Seller’s Tips

Everyone knows that selling houses is not easy, but with us you can sell your house with solar panels quickly and easily

Tips for Sellers

Have all these items available before putting your home for sale:

Kilowatt (DC) solar system size
Manufacturer, model number, quantity and warranty of inverter(s)
Manufacturer, model number, quantity and warranty of panels
Labor warranty
Year of installation/utility interconnection
Ownership of system (homeowner or third-party owner, e.g., lease or PPA)
If third-party owner: remaining financial obligations, transfer and lien subordination process

Type of financing used for system and if any loans remain unpaid (e.g., PACE)

Annual kilowatt-hour (kWh) production of solar system (an indicator of potential savings for the buyer depending on their energy consumption)
panel solar

Years Established

Houses sold

Lower electric bills (Express to Buyer the savings)

Solar panels can reduce your monthly energy bills by 70%-100% and prevent you from being at the mercy of your local electricity suppliers.

Edison (the primary supplier for Southern California) has been increasing rates fairly rapidly, so it provides some protection against those rate increases,” . We have about four months of the year where it’s over a hundred degrees. If you’re in a 2,500 square foot home, you can easily have $600-$650 a month electrical bills if you don’t have solar. With the solar system, that costs maybe $250-$300 a month.”

Help reduce buyer concerns over maintenance

Solar panels aren’t like pools or elaborate gardens, which require constant tending to—so make sure buyers don’t view them as an extra maintenance hassle.

“There’s no moving parts, they’re easy to maintain. Really, all you need to do is have someone clean them every two to three months, keep them so they’re clear and can access the sun, and there’s not a lot of maintenance to them. Maintenance is really a non-issue.”

“Work with an agent who has experience selling a house with solar panels”
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