Selling a home with solar can be complicated. Let our specialists make it easy

Our solar specialists can help you save upwards of $20,000 in the sale of your solar home in California.

Benefits of Selling with Solar

Increased home value and appeal

Money savings on utility bills

Reduced carbon emissions

A hedge against utility rate hikes



Many homeowners considering selling a solar home express concern about reductions in home value. They worry about potential buyers being unwilling or unable to take over the solar home, and the potential costs that they would incur if they had to buy out their lease. Luckily, most of these concerns are unfounded. A recent study done by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory analyzed homes in southern California that had been sold with a solar lease/PPA attached.
Most participants saw no impact on their home sale value as a result of their lease agreement. Researchers also found that 77 percent of the leases were successfully transferred to the new property owner, but that 20 percent of study participants had potential buyers scared off because of the leasing agreement.

Years Established

Houses Sold

Process to transfer a solar home

Process 1

The seller and buyer need to agree upon the transfer terms and sign off to initiate process.

Process 2

The buyer must meet minimum credit requirements to get

Process 3

Call your customer care solar company to verify performance on your solar system.

Selling your home with a PPA

PPAs may encumber the sale of your home. Refer to the PPA for your options if you sell your home during the PPA term. Most PPAs have straightforward transfer options that allow homeowners to transfer the PPA to the next buyer of your home. A recent analysis by Zillow shows that homes with solar sold in the U.S. increased home values by 4.1% on average.4 That said, the buyer of your home would need to agree to take on the PPA. If they don’t, there is typically a buyout cost. Make sure you understand your PPA agreement.

Star Realty will save you thousands of dollars in the sale of your solar home!

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Home For Sale With Solar

Selling a home is stressful enough, and when you are not properly educated and informed about solar leases it can feel even more stressful. This doesn’t have to be the case though. With an expert solar specialist acting as your realtor you can feel confident that the home you are selling is valued properly and the transfer is a smooth and efficient transaction.
Transferring Your Solar home
Transferring your solar home can be a process, finding the right buyer, qualifying them, and finalizing the deal. Adding solar panels to the equation can complicate things even more if your realtor isn’t an experienced solar broker with a history of managing and transferring solar. At Star Realty a California Solar Realtor, we have years of experience buying and selling solar real estate with existing leases that require knowledge of the solar industry. Most realtors have knowledge about buying and selling homes, but once you add a solar transfer into the picture, they really don’t know how to navigate the complexity of solar. Some solar leases are locked in at 20-25 years. An experience Solar Realtor will make process smooth for transfer to new home owner.
Selling your home with a solar loan
Your options for selling your home with solar if you own the system vary depending on how you financed the purchase. If you plan on financing the purchase with a secured loan (like a home equity loan or home equity line of credit), you will have to pay off the remaining balance of the home before you sell. This is because your property is used as collateral for the loan. In most cases, secured loans don’t have prepayment penalties, so there’s no disadvantage to paying the system off early. If your solar panel system is financed via an unsecured loan, the loan is not tied to your property, so you can sell your home and move prior to paying it off. Remember, you are still obligated for paying off the remainder of the loan. In most cases, paying off secured or unsecured solar loans is straightforward – since solar panels increase the value of your home, you can usually pay off the loan with the additional revenue from your home sale.
Selling your house with a solar lease or PPA

Don’t feel forced to pay high utility electricity rates today just because you might move in the next 20 years. The typical lease/PPA agreement lasts for 20 to 25 years, but it’s well within your rights as a homeowner to sign an agreement now and then sell your home before the end of your lease term. There are two strategies to sell a home that has a leased solar energy system attached:

Buy out the remainder of the lease: By paying the rest of your lease, you can either have the panels removed from your roof, or keep them there and sell the system as part of the property.
Transfer the lease to the new property owner: If the new owner is willing to take over the lease and meets the third-party owner’s criteria, you can transfer the agreement over to their name.

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